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Top Niche Techniques #1 | How To Use Google To Get More Clients For Your Law Firm

Understand Search Engines and How to Use Google to Get More Clients for Your Law Firm

Hello its Tyler The Marketing Guy! Today we are gonna talk about one of my specialties and claims to fame which is digital marketing. I often say that my competitive advantage in this field is that I actually do what I say I am going to do which is enough to put me above all my competition. Unfortunately this has a lot of truth to it the digital marketing industry is filled with bs, lies and manipulation. The real secrets to doing digital marketing are very simple, not complicated, long, expensive and hard. That's right there is no magic bullet to solve everyone's problems go figure. Today I am going to let one of my juniors write a simple guide to help you rank your law firm. Before that though if you know anyone who needs a marketing guy send me an email at with out further ado here is the article! 

The days of flipping through the phone book or keeping an eye out for a billboard is gone. While these marketing tactics do still exist and do still work, there not going to get the results they used to. Most people turn to the internet and search engines when they're in need of information. If they're looking for a lawyer, for example, they're going to do a search for a lawyer in their area and click on one of the top results. This means anyone who is looking to help their law firm grow is going to need to know How To Use Google To Get More Clients For Your Law Firm.

How Do People Choose a Result?
Knowing How To Use Google To Get More Clients For Your Law Firm starts with understanding how online searches work. The person who needs help is going to go to one of the major search engines and type in what they are looking for. Most of the time, they're going to click on one of the top three results. It's rare for a person to click through multiple pages to find what they need. This means the law firm at the top of the listing is going to be the one chosen most often. The firms that are not one the first page have a much lower chance of the person finding their website.

How Are the Results Ordered?
The order of the results isn't by chance, it's based on a complex algorithm that changes as the needs of the search results change. The latest change, for example, gives higher preference to websites that have a mobile version to make it easier for people to view on smartphones and tablets. A website needs to be optimized for this algorithm to enable it to rise to the highest ranking and be displayed at the top of the search engine results. Pages that are not optimized will likely not even appear on the first page of results.

Optimizing the Website
The law firm needs to either need to learn How to use internet marketing to get more law firm clients or find an expert who can help them. The expert will be able to fully optimize their website and ensure it's one of the first few listings. After expert help a real estate law firm, for example, will appear when a person searches for "real estate lawyers," "real estate law," or something similar. Once the website is fully optimized, the expert can continue to work with them on other internet marketing strategies and continue to ensure their website remains updated and stays at the top of the search results.
Taking the time to learn How To Use The Internet to Get More Clients For a Law Firm can be essential for a growing law firm. They'll need to ensure their potential clients can find their website easily by taking advantage of the algorithm for the search engine results and making sure they're at the top. If they cannot do this on their own, they should consult with an expert who offers Internet marketing services for law firms in orange county. This way, they can boost their rankings online and easily be found by anyone who needs their services.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Professional Schmoozes and Why You Need Them | Hiring a Business Development Manager

Hello Everyone it is Tyler the Marketing Guy here today to let you know about the importance of hiring business development managers. Before that that though I just wanted to take a quick second to tell ask you a favor! If you know anyone who needs marketing help and works for a fun business with a cool idea give me a call at (714)408-8759 or email me at

The Importance of Hiring a Business Development Manager
There are many important positions within businesses today. However, when a business is looking to grow, whether that growth needs to happen immediately or whether it's a long-term goal, Hiring a Business Development Manager makes the most sense. This type of business professional can help a company to meet its current goals, as well as expanding to more ambitious goals in the future.
What is a Business Development Manager?
From the standpoint of growth, a Business Development Manager is someone who can foresee and facilitate future growth within the business while simultaneously helping the business to continue with solid and beneficial relationships with current important and valuable clients and customers.
What are the Qualifications for a Business Development Manager?
Looking for a consensus when it comes to exact qualifications for a business development manager may be hard to come by. The fact is that there are no set standards that delineate a candidate for a business development manager. However, most experts agree that individuals that have strong backgrounds in sales, marketing and finance can prove to be very effective in the role of business development managers.
Understanding the Industry
When businesses are looking to hire a development manager, many people feel that hiring someone who knows the ins and outs of a particular field would work the best. However, the proper method in Hiring a Business Development Manager may be a bit different. For example, if a company that manufactures motor oil were looking to hire a business development manager, they may limit their search to an individual that has experience in the motor oil manufacturing industry. However, this is where many businesses make a mistake.
It's not necessarily important that the individual have specific knowledge of the industry of the company that is looking to hire them. What's more important is the potential manager being able to draw from their skills to understand where the business fits within its given industry. The prerequisite of knowing the ins and outs of the motor oil manufacturing industry can often limit companies in terms of the pool of prospective business development managers. Many times, businesses may pass up the perfect candidate simply because they have never worked in the motor oil may factoring industry.
When the Time is Right to Hire a Business Development Manager
Many experts agree that if a business thinks it's time to hire a development manager, it may be too late. The fact is that businesses need to be forward thinking from the start. Even if they may not be in a position to grow exponentially in a short period of time, having a business development manager on staff before growth is needed is the best way to proceed in expanding the business.
There are many other questions that businesses have as it relates to How to Hire a Business Development Manager. Fortunately, there are many potential candidates that can bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to your business to help it achieve its current goals, and to help the business grow for many years to come. Professionals like Tyler Sass Business Development Expert can be an extremely valuable addition to your business as it positions itself for current and future growth and success.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How To Hire A Good Marketing Manager | Stop Getting Screwed By Unskilled Noobs!

Hello everyone it's Tyler The Marketing Guy! In today's blog we are going to be discussing the best ways to hire a good marketing manager but before we do that I need to ask you for something! I am looking for a job so if you know a fun company with a cool idea please tell them to call me at (714)408-8759.
The First thing you need to look for in a good marketing manager is the ability for a marketing expert to also be able to manage a team of other niche marketing experts. So to demonstrate this skill I have outsourced the production of this blogs content to one of my junior blog copy writing team members. 
So without further ado here is our junior copywriters first pubic release! 
Tips on How To Hire A Good Marketing Manager
As a business grows, the need to market properly increases. Though the owner may have started by doing all of the marketing on their own, at some point they realize they're going to need help. Marketing is often a full-time job and can be difficult to handle over all the other ownership duties. It's also important to have someone who really understands the marketing that's need to help the company grow. Professional marketing managers have the experience and expertise to change the way the marketing is done and ensure the business continues to grow. Below are a few tips for any owner who wants to know How To Hire A Good Marketing Manager.
Determine What's Needed and The Salary
Before posting a job offer, the owner needs to determine what they're going to need and how much they're willing to pay. Looking at listings for comparable businesses can give them an idea of what's expected for the salary in their area and what similar businesses include in the job descriptions. The job description needs to be carefully crafted to ensure it covers everything they will need the marketing manager to do for them and include the opportunity to add on extra duties if it's needed. Include educational and experience requirements when necessary to limit the number of potential applicants.
Sorting Through Applicants
Once the job is posted online or in print, the business owner will start to receive applications and resumes. When learning How To Hire A Professional Marketing Manager, the business owner should learn how to narrow the number of applicants to those who have the necessary credentials and experience. They'll then need to take the time to read through the resumes for those who are qualified and select the most experienced for interviews. At the interviews, it's important to be careful with what questions are asked and to be as thorough as possible to learn as much as possible about the applicant.
After the Interview                                              
Once the interviews are completed, the business owner will have a good idea of which applicant they're most interested in. The next step is to check references and backgrounds. If possible, a second interview can be done to ask follow-up questions and to learn more about the applicant. If there are multiple applicants that look right for the position, a second interview can help narrow the options further. The business owner should contact the chosen applicant as soon as the decision to hire him or her has been made.

When a business owner needs help with marketing, they're going to need to know How To Hire A Marketing Manager. Using the tips above can help them start planning the job description and start looking into what they need to do to find the right person for the position. Learning How To Hire A Good Marketing Manager, though, is more than just planning the job description and taking a look at potential applicants. It's also important to learn how to conduct the interviews and learn what to do once the interviews are completed. Being careful through the entire process gives the business owner the chance to find the perfect person to work with their company.

Thanks for taking the time to read and remember if you guys know anyone who needs marketing help or is hiring at a fun company with a cool idea tell them to give Tyler The Marketing Guy A call at (714)408-8759

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Tyler The Marketing Guy | Job Searching, Lifestyle Design and The Science of Marketing

Hi guys it's Tyler The Marketing Guy! Today I wanted to just introduce the grand plan for this blog and let you know what it is all about!

This blog is about helping you, my fellow marketers, make money in the field of marketing. I want to help you find marketing jobs, get marketing consulting gigs and start businesses. I figure what better way to do this than by tracking and showing how I am going about doing it myself.

Who Am I? My name is Tyler and I am a marketing major from Azusa Pacific University. I started a marketing firm called Tyson Software Solutions in 2011 which partnered with Google in 2015. I have worked as the strategic marketing director for the Internet Marketing Company Blitz Mogul as well as a marketing consultant for the bestselling author Neil Strauss’s company The Society International. I have worked my way from the ground up in companies and helped countless businesses grow with my marketing firm Tyson Software Solutions. I present regularly at Oxford University at the Autonomous Learning World Caucasus on Accelerated Learning and Entrepreneurship.

I am looking for a job right now in marketing, but not just any job, I am looking for a “dream job” and let me tell you guys, it is hard. There truly aren’t many jobs out here and the competition is so fierce finding even an entry level job. To top it off, so many of my fellow marketing majors are being thrown out into the real world with myths, lies and downright stupidity being shoved into them during college which leaves them a hopeless mess as they desperately try to look for a job, get clients and start a business the traditional way. To make matters worse, the lucky few who do land the jobs end up losing them six months later because they believe what they learned in college will have any real world applications which, spoiler alert, it doesn’t.

My hope is that with this series I will help breed a better group of marketers in the world. I want people who know how to find a job, get clients and start businesses. I want to get you paid and I want you to deliver results. We will cover many topics to get to that point including technical skills, tactics, skills, philosophy, strategy, marketing, advertising, persuasion, sales, NLP, Self-Development, Life and more.

To become a better marketer, hell to become a better person, you need to become a source of value. I want to teach you how to be more valuable and demonstrate that value better. It is that single principle that will drive everything I teach and do. My name is Tyler The Marketing Guy and I want to make you a more valuable person.

I hope you enjoy the journey and I look forward to help you all grow! Also if you know any fun companies with a cool idea that are hiring for marketing or seeking marketing consultation give me a call at 714-408-8759 or send me an email at

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Strategic Marketing Planning Framework Part One

Hey Guys Hope You Like The Video! If You know fun companies with cool ideas that are hiring please let me know by calling me at (714)408-8759 or email me at

Kicking Butt In Business With Good Old SWOT | The Strategic Marketing Planning Framework Part 1

Hello There It’s Tyler Sass The Marketing Guy Here to help you grow your business! If you know a fun company that has a cool idea please give me a call at (714)408-8759 because I am looking to work with a new business! Okay self promotion done now…

let’s get real here. You and your team are probably not doing a formal strategic marketing plan and who could blame you that stuff is all over the place marketing is such a vague concept why not just let the marketing people do their thing right? They do The Google, The Facebook, The Tweets, The Flyers, The Mail it all comes together. NO! NO! NO! Stop it right there 10 minutes in the corner right now! Time out!

You see that is what “marketers” want you to think so we can kick back relax and hang out on Facebook all day. Without a set strategic marketing planning framework your business is going to be in trouble. In this article I am going to go through a framework you can implement with your marketing team today so that you can start looking at your business from a micro and a macro level! In This Blog Series We are going to Cover How to Create a Strategic Marketing Planning Framework. 

SWOT Analysis
The First step to creating a Strategic Marketing Plan is to identify your businesses unique strength weaknesses oppurutnity and threats. Yea Yea I hear you now saying “everyone knows SWOT this isn’t high school” and my response is cool show me where you have it written down for your business that isn’t more than 3 months old and where is it promptly available to your marketing team. Can I ask everyone on your marketing team to show me the location of the SWOT and will they be able to find it? SWOT is common sense and used to frequently for a reason… it works. So Buckle Down and break out the Pen and paper…
In a diagram like the one listed above you will be listing out 5 Strengths for your business, 5 Weaknesses of Your Business, 5 Oppurtunities for your business and 5 Threats for your business. Now let’s dive a little more into what those mean.

Strengths: First off if everyone in your business is doing it it’s not a strength get rid of it. Second if it’s amazing customer service get rid of it that’s not a strength that’s a requirement. Getting a little trickier now isn’t it? If you can’t come up with five strengths you need to stop and take note on a separate sheet of paper called the Brain Storm page (it is a legal requirement to draw a brain on this page) that you need more strengths.
Weaknesses: This one can get tricky because no one likes to think about why they suck. Also no one wants to crap on a business in front of their superiors. To fix this have everyone anonymously write down 5 weaknesses on slips of paper. Then add the weaknesses up and take an average. The top 5 most mentioned are your new top five weaknesses ties go to the boss.
Oppurtunities: This one is a really fun one. Think of all the things that are going on right now that your business could capitalize on. For example do you raise funds for breast cancer and breast cancer awareness is trending on twitter? Boom Oppourtunity. As with strengths if you can’t come up with five add it to the brain storming list.

Threats: Here comes the scary part. Think of things that could happen to your business that are out of your control. How would you company respond to a rich lunatic suing your company or perhaps an employee embezzling a hundred thousand dollars. These are all possibilities have you prepared for them?

Once you are done with your SWOT analysis you will be ready to move on to Step Two which will be covered in the next blog post.

Just a reminder I am looking to help companies grow. If you know a really fun company with a cool idea that could benefit from more customers, better marketing and business development please let me know so I can get the job! Call me at (714)408-8759 or email me at